Gourmet Italian Coffee

The All Chocolate Kitchen is proud to offer an exclusive taste of Europe!
1919 Bristot Coffee is one of the top Coffee roasting companies in Italy.
A superior quality blend coffee, with a characteristic aroma and velvety consinstency for which it is renowned.
The overall sensory perceptions, generated by coffee-based drink, are divided up into four categories: sight, smell, taste and touch – a gift for the senses!

Our coffee menu has something for everyone!
We offer a full selection of drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, americanos and more.

Would you like to taste a signature cappuccino?

In the mood for a cup of tea instead?

Try our selection of NOVUS Tea and TISANO Chocolate Tea, pure chocolate herbal infusion.
Organic, sugar free and dairy free!

Siphon Coffee: The Ultimate Coffee Experience

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