Food Network in Geneva !

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Chef Alain Roby of the All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva has added a new chocolate sculpture to his repertoire.

Made out of 948 pounds of white chocolate and sugar accents , “Eros” – the god of love – was sculpted for a Food Network special premiering Saturday, Feb. 7, at 7pm.

“Eros” will join the pastry chef’s other chocolate creations, including a 23-foot-tall chocolate tree made out of Dark Belgian Chocolate for Valentine’s Day in 2012; a 700-pound sculpture of Neil Armstrong in an astronaut suit, created out of white chocolate for the Adler Planetarium; a life-size, 650-pound, white chocolate Blackhawks player, which was presented to NHL player Eddie Olczyk at the Blackhawks’ celebration of the 2010 Stanley Cup, and “Randy” the Blues Player a 925lbs. scupture.

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