Eros - The God of Love

Chef Roby's New Creation

Chef Roby created this wonderful sculpture inspired by Valentine's day 2015. The making of this chocolate masterpiece was filmed by the  Food Network.

Made out of 948 pounds of white chocolate and sugar accents , “Eros” – the god of love – was sculpted for a Food Network special premiering Saturday, Feb. 7, at 7pm.


"Eros" will join the pastry chef's other chocolate creations, including a 23-foot-tall chocolate tree made out of Dark Belgian Chocolate for Valentine’s Day in 2012; a 700-pound sculpture of Neil Armstrong in an astronaut suit, created out of white chocolate for the Adler Planetarium; a life-size, 650-pound, white chocolate Blackhawks player, which was presented to NHL player Eddie Olczyk at the Blackhawks’ celebration of the 2010 Stanley Cup, and "Randy" the Blues Player a 925lbs. scupture.


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