VIDEO - WGN NEWS - Renowned chef, Guinness record holder unveils chocolate creation

Renowned chef, Guinness record holder unveils chocolate creation


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Already a candy god himself with three Guinness World Records under his belt, renowned pastry chef Alain Roby has done it again.

The Greek symbol of love and desire, known for shooting magical golden arrows, was a labor of love for chef Roby, who transformed 948 pounds of white chocolate and pulled sugar into the massive sculpture.

The body, bow and individual constructed feathers were each made of chocolate. The quiver, arrows, sandals, bracelets and belt – a challenge in heated sugar.

And Eros is on display in time for Valentine’s Day. Always creating new masterpieces, heated blown sugar love birds are in the works for customers.

For more information, come and participate at our

Eros Behind the Scenes Viewing Party

Sun. Feb. 8th 3pm

All Chocolate Kitchen
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