Chef Alain Roby awarded with his third Guinness record

Chef Alain Roby broke his third Guinness World Record Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 by creating the world’s longest candy cane, measuring at 51 feet long.
Roby, who already holds world records for the tallest cooked sugar building and tallest chocolate sculpture, pulled sugar starting at the Geneva Courthouse and stretched it to the intersection in front of his All Chocolate Kitchen, at 33 S. Third St., on Saturday.

Hundreds gathered along the courthouse lawn in Geneva to observe the creation of the world’s longest candy cane, which came in at 51 feet, easily beating the old record of 40 feet.

Mayor Kevin Burns, in his familiar role as master of ceremonies, proclaimed December 9, 2012 to be "National Pastry Day" in the City of
Geneva and honor the accomplishments of Chef Alain Roby in promoting the art of pastry in the City of Geneva and throughout the world.


We want to thank all of our sponsors for being so generous and for helping us make this event a success, and everyone else who helped put this event together!


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